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department, the dell delegation of the justices that were visiting through the international visitor leadership program. during our very spirited discussion with them, we discussed our investigative role and policy work in medation. we hosted representatives from the trenatad and tobago police complaint authority, it is to investigate complaints of miscontact concerning the trenadad and tobago police. >> it was a delegation that provided us the occ a unique opportunity to discuss the policing and civilian oversight. in addition to hosting international and national visitors, we attended community events in 2011, and 2012, we staffed tables at various fares and celebrations. we continued to participate in the operation homeless connect and veteran's connect day long events. we also had several media opportunities to discuss civilian oversight and the occ's services. >> in april of last year, i was interviewed by former police commissioner david onic as part of his criminal justice conversations pod cast. is he a very fellow at the berkeley center for criminal justice and in 2011, i wa
'm nancy o'dell. >> i'm rob marciano. >> were you in love with him? >> i mean, yes. >> the bombshell confession. the love story behind the scam. >> i grew feelings. i grew emotions that i sooner or later, i couldn't control anymore. >> i said, are you gay? >> plus -- >> ronaiah said it is him on the telephone. >> did he sound like a woman to you? >> he can sound like a woman. >>> new lindsay lohan racing across the country for a court date today. >> thank you. >> now is she facing more time behind bars? >>> ashley judd's surprise split from her race car driver husband. what "e.t." has just learned
department, the dell delegation of the justices that were visiting th
. but this week the nasdaq underperforming the major ind disies. here are stocks that helped. first, dell, these companies will take over sun shares higher. a big winner in biotech space thanks to positive earnings and as oncology sprays, on a tear this month of 6%. other names that helped, vir tex, biogen, while apple did not give this month, other secretary oors helped keep the nasdaq afloat. >> seema, thank you very much. >>> fortress apple. john fortt has the story on a tough month for the big computer company. what do you say, john? >> tyler, let's take a walk down not so great memory lane. at least if you were apple. it says 2001, but we will say it is 2000. during the dot com bust, apple had its biggest drop in recent memory. down by more than half. that particular month. we will get to this january and say what is special about that. next on this lineup we have, revised guidance in june 2002. stock went down again. more than 14%. then may 2006, steve jobs apologized for a scandal. stock is down quite a bit. then january 2008, post iphone, apple at macro. steve jobs did the keynote
. charlie: right. liz: people are still wondering if one of the former traders might turn to dell. charlie: i believe charlie had a system in place. there are some people in the justice department think this is part of his broad obstruction, some people think it is just how you weigh risk. people used to come to him and he would say what is your conviction level on a stock. i don't know this happened, but supposedly people like matthew would say i have a conviction, the highest order the lowest. it is what is your conviction, here it is. there are people in the justice department who believe that he is giving them a 11, he knows insider trading as the government suggest he had an insider tip and do some things about the stocks from an expert network and when he says 10, that means he should know it is insider trading. you saw the movie "zero dark 30". this is 100%. liz: a redhead no less. charlie: she is in the room with all of these cia guys and say 60% we believe bin laden is in this location. 80%. what is your conviction? 100 mf% conviction. and how do you know that? liz: your point is
& a activity with the potential lbo with dell in the space. >> that actually hurts. the bondholders could be subordinates. the lbo, thanks for bringing it up, could actually hurt the stock a bit due to the subordination issue. >> i think you still want to be a buyer of hp and you don't have the pesky smartphones and tablets to get in your way because they don't really have any. >> that's a good point. >> being prudent, rich. >> maybe that was the problem in 2012. guys, thanks very much. see you soon. appreciate your time. 30 minutes before the closing bell sounds for the day. market under pressure. down 32 points. >> dow trying to post its best january in history, and history says as january goes so does the rest of the year, but our own jeff cox says history will not be on the side of the bulls this year. his bearish call next. >> and yesterday's dismal report, the market fared very well but why things may not be so kind if tomorrow's jobs report disappoints. stay with us. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 when i'm trading, i'm totally focused. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and the street
. lot of companies, ups and dell, point them out. not talking robust asia. how many companies like honeywell, like even the, like ppg, saying asia's back. again, i question execution of ups. >> all right. >>> when we come back, research in motion's massive rally seems like a distant memory, stock taking a hit since yaepsd blackberry 10 launch. is the honeymoon now over for the r.i.m.? >>> the home building sector has been hot but almost a decade since home builder went public. tripoint homes is ending that drought by debuting on wall street. the ceo will visit us at post 9. futures, a lot we haven't gotten to "squawk on the street," live from post 9, back in a minute. >>> shares of research in motion falling premarket trade after yesterday's 12% drop this all after the company unveiled its blackberry 10 lineup including two new smartphones but u.s. customers won't be able to get them till march and that is a month later than r.i.m.'s home country of canada. r.i.m., which is changing its corporate name to blackberry, has been downgraded by the likes of credit suisse and evercore par
since richard nixon. barack obama doesn't dell gate. he dominates. and i think both chuck hagel and john kerry may well have to get used to the fact on the big issues, and it should be the president ultimately who makes the big decisions but consequential and effective secretaries of defense and secretaries of state help shape the policy. and that really remains to be seen. in an obama second term. jenna: let's go bigger if we can for a moment. because the questions about the president's relationship with israel, again are one ally in this region, have been a constant questioning over the last four years. now we're going to be in a new term. regardless what happens with senator hagel and whether or not he heads up the pentagon which is expected, what do you i think the damage is of those questioning of our administration and our loyalty to our ally? >> well, i think the reality is if barack obama, and again, this a two-way street. benjamin netanyahu is not an easy guy to get along with. protects the interest of his country. sometimes those diverge with ours. but if barack obama wants to
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)